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You won’t go wrong when you choose Siemens hearing aids: Siemens belongs to the top five manufacturers of the world’s best hearing devices. Recently, Sivantos acquired Siemens hearing instruments but will still continue to be branded as Siemens during the transition period. Sivantos will use Signia for its new hearing aids; so together with Signia, Siemens hearing aids still offer a wide range of premium hearing aids. Siemens is undoubtedly a reputable brand that has continued to build its name for creating quality hearing aids through the years.


When it comes to hearing aids, there’s no one-size-fits all product that exists in the market. With Siemens hearing aids, individuals can choose from a wide range of hearing aids with different styles, features and functions.

The listening environments today are undeniably more complex than they were decades ago. Add to that the new technology, digital innovation and busy lifestyle of people and we can say that hearing aids need to be devices that can go with the flow.

Siemens hearing aids are all that and more, delivering exceptional hearing loss solutions with great value. Signia and Siemens hearing aids offer Bluetooth for hassle free pairing and bridging important speech and communication in life.


With the Siemens Signia Primax hearing aids, you will enjoy different settings for various types of musical environments, all with easy device adjustments. So whether you are listening to recorded music, playing an acoustic instrument, or even watching a live show, you are guaranteed to have a great listening experience. PA Center for Hearing and Balance is proud to offer Signia and Siemens hearing aid technology.


Siemens hearing aids eliminate the hassle of changing batteries weekly, thanks to rechargeable feature. Your hearing aids are simply docked in a charger each night and they’ll be good to go in the morning. The charging unit also functions as a dryer, removing and moisture, and helping to prolong hearing aid lifespan. We are an authorized dealer or Siemens hearing aids so you can purchase with confidence.
Siemens is one of the world’s largest suppliers in the healthcare industry and also a trendsetter when it comes to medical technology, laboratory diagnostics, and hearing aids.


Below are just some of the digital products of Siemens. For more information about Siemens hearing aids, visit us at PA Center for Hearing and Balance.


This hearing aid is ideal for people who want to use a discreet hearing instrument. The Siemens Pure has a subtle and discreet design and it has a really impressive advanced hearing technology housed in an almost-invisible, ultra small size.

The Siemens Pure has ultra-small receiver-in-canal (RIC) instruments, available in 16 exchangeable colors and has instrument functions that are inconspicuous and fully automatic. This line of Siemens hearing aids comes with a revolutionary BestSound Technology and 3 powerful receivers for mild to moderately severe hearing. This is the only rechargeable RIC hearing aid and comes with a new charger that offers electronic drying.


The Siemens iMini is developed by experts, crafted by hand and offers highly advanced technology for a gadget that’s so unbelievably small. It offers a snug and inconspicuous fit in the ear canal with no external components peeking out of the ear. This is a recommended purchase for style-conscious individuals who desire a discreet yet durable and effective pair of Siemens hearing aids. The iMini hearing aids also offer a custom fit for unrivaled fit and comfort.

The components of this Siemens hearing aids are positioned with a computer-aided design and users can get involved in the customization so the sound and functionality can meet their unique needs.


The Siemens Motion is available in behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) variants. It offers BestSound Technology, essentially made for hassle-free hearing.

Siemens Hearing Aids – Motion BTE It is a small and ergonomic hearing aid that sits comfortably behind the ears but it’s very durable and requires little maintenance. It is packed with Siemens’ top of the art hearing electronic technology that automatically zeroes in on voices that you need to hear.

Siemens Hearing Aids – Motion ITE Motion ITE can communicate wirelessly with modern audio devices, a feature that no other CIC hearing device can.
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