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3D Ear Scan

A 3D ear scan is quick, accurate,
and offers no discomfort

What Is 3D Ear Scanning?

3D ear scans are safe and modern alternatives to the traditional procedure of silicone ear mold impression, so that the true shape of the ears can be fully captured digitally.

Otoscan 3D ear scan is a digital ear scanning solution that was developed by Otometrics. It was developed by hearing health care professionals for the hearing care industry. The advanced technology of the 3D ear scan is not just for show – in fact, if you have tried getting a traditional ear mold before, you’ll enjoy the difference between the old process and the 3D ear scan.

At PA Center for Hearing and Balance, our audiologist makes sure you get the best and personalized care with the latest hearing health care technology. PA Center for Hearing and Balance is proud to announce that we are the only practice in the Springfield, PA area that offers custom ear impressions using the latest hearing test technology, the Otometrics Otoscan 3D ear scanner.


Getting a 3D ear scan is simple and painless. The entire 3D ear scan is usually completed within 5 minutes. During the 3D ear scan, a patient will be able to see the inside of your ear including the ear canal and you can observe how the scan is being performed.
A 3D ear scan can be accessed and processed by manufacturers and audiology clinics on the same day of the test. Otoscan virtually eliminates all the waiting time needed for shipping using traditional ear impressions. With a 3D ear scan, custom made earmolds can be created faster, giving more convenience to the patient and the audiologist.
3D ear scans are undeniably part of the future of hearing technology. PA Center for Hearing and Balance is proud to share with our clients and patients this innovative technology to help improve the quality of life.


A 3D scan is a favorite tool of clinicians to provide a quick and personalized procedure of ear mold production solution.

Why Otoscan 3D Ear Scan?

Otoscan helps your audiologist provide you with the latest advanced technology and ensures accurate and personalized hearing care. Otoscan is the first 3D ear scan solution developed by hearing care professionals themselves to make the process of ear mold production faster and deliver convenient, high-quality technology to you.
Treating your hearing loss just got a whole lot easier thanks to the availability of 3D ear scans and personalized audiology care.



With Otoscan 3D ear scan, your audiologist has the ability to deliver an advanced and customized version of hearing care dependably. Otoscan produces your custom in-the-ear hearing aids or earmolds.

We transform clear images of your ears directly into 3D digital files, then upload to Otocloud – a cloud service which makes use of a proprietary technology for producing your custom ear products. Our 3D ear scan offers comfort and accuracy compared to a traditional ear mold procedure.

This modern process of taking a 3D scan is quicker, less invasive, and more comfortable for you. Unlike the traditional technique, 3D ear scans don’t call for a cast to be made in any way. Rather, a special portable tool using a camera and multiple lasers takes accurate dimensions inside the patient’s ear.


Our audiologist uses an Otoscan 3D ear scan so that you enjoy a an even easier visit to our hearing clinic easier.

The three-dimensional ear scan can be completed in only 5 minutes, allowing you to see inside your ear canal and you can view the scan as it’s performed. Digital results steamline the manufacturing process for custom earmolds more quickly than traditional ear impressions.

A vital part of helping you hear better is ensuring a perfect fit. Since every person’s ear is different, we use custom-made molds of your ears. Previously audiologists needed to place a tiny plug of foam or cotton against a patient’s tympanum (ear drum), then fill the ear canal with a soft paste. This ear mold impression would then be used to create a precisely-fitted earmold or custom hearing aid.

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